Package org.dolben.MarkN

Class Summary
Configuration This is the configuration for the N Digit Number Game: the number (N) of places in a target or guess, and the number of digits that are used (e.g., 10, ('0'-'9')).
Generator This is the interface for an N digit number game guess generator.
GeneratorTest This tests an N digit number game guess generator.
Guesser This is an applet that guesses an N digit number.
Numbah This is an N Digit Number.
NumberField This is a field for entry of an N Digit Number.
NumberScrambler This is a scrambler of N Digit Numbers, which pseudorandomly remaps the places and digits of a number to disguise the underlying sequence of some generator.
NumberSequence This is a generator of a complete sequence of valid N Digit Numbers.
RandomDeal This is a pseudorandom order generator for some number integers.
Score This is the score for some guess compared to a target.
ScoreboardCanvas This a display for a list of guesses and their scores, plus a message.
ScoreField This is field for entry of a score.
Scorer This is an applet that scores a user's guesses of an N Digit Number